When we go to the supermarket, go through the coffee aisle and stand in front of the gondola we will find a variety of brands, packaging, colors, smells, prices but above all quality promises with different names such as export coffee, gourmet, altitude, special reserve, and many others also indicate that they are 100% pure, Arabic and Costa Rican. There are many different terms to define the quality of a coffee but only the one classified as “ specialty coffee ” has an objective categorization based on a cupping score that must be over 80 points.

What makes a coffee have that rating? The work and care in each of the phases of the coffee. A healthy and strong plant that produces excellent fruits, 100% mature grain harvesting and processing methods that maintain quality. Constant monitoring at drying time to reach the optimal point and the necessary rest time. When the time comes for roasting, it must be done masterfully to highlight the attributes and not spoil a full year's work. Even the packaging has special features such as a degassing valve so that the coffee does not oxidize.

None of these steps can be accelerated if you want to obtain complex flavors, spectacular and delicious aromas in a cup of coffee; That's what sets specialty coffee apart.

If you want to buy specialty coffee you can go directly here and if you want to get another type of coffee you know where you can get it. (laughs)

Likewise, we tell you that we are already working to improve our delivery system and also to place our specialty product in supermarkets.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to take your coffee wherever you go.

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