¿Cuál es la temperatura correcta para preparar el café?

What is the correct temperature to prepare coffee?

The water we use to prepare coffee is as important as the coffee itself, because in reality in a cup around 98% is water (yes, just as you read it). Although we would love to address the topic of water quality, the first thing is to understand the basics of how water temperature affects the final drink.

The water temperature recommendation for preparing coffee according to the Specialty Coffee Association ranges from 90ºC to 96ºC and the easiest way to know the temperature of our water is with a thermometer or a coffee maker that has a thermometer, the There are both analog and digital.

You may be wondering why this temperature recommendation is, because there are scientists and organizations dedicated to the study of coffee tastes and preferences. This includes investigating at what temperature the most pleasant flavors are extracted as well as the body of the drink, which always plays an important role.

The coffee preparation manual tells us the following:

“Sensory evaluation shows that both acidity and body increase when coffee is brewed at higher temperatures, while bitterness and astringency decrease with lower temperatures.”

This means that if we use freshly boiled water, it is likely that we will have a slightly more bitter and full-bodied drink. Otherwise, if we let the water drop in temperature, the drink will have less body and less bitterness and astringency.

Important fact: water boils at 100ºC only if we are close to sea level. The boiling point decreases approximately 1ºC for every 300 meters of elevation above the sea. So if you don't have a thermometer but know the height at which you are, it can help you know what temperature the water is when it boils.

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