Around 1,300 years ago, legend has it that a shepherd whose name was Kaldi, herded his goats in the mountains of Abyssinia, now Ethiopia. The shepherd could see that his goats were behaving differently, they had a lot of energy. As he approached his goats, he discovered that they were eating some red berries that he had never seen before and concluded that these were responsible for the strange behavior.

Kaldi brought back a few berries to share his discovery with a monk to help him stay awake all night while he prayed. This monk verified the benefits of the drink and spread the word, sharing it with other monasteries.

As the world's development moved eastward and coffee reached the Arabian Peninsula, a journey began that would bring these beans around the world. In the 15th century it arrived in Yemen and was where its cultivation began; by the 16th century it was already known in Persia, Egypt, Syria and Turkey.

It was not until the 17th century that it reached Europe but it was not so well received since for some it had been a “bitter drink invented by Satan.” After several attempts in different countries to ban coffee, they could not withstand its popularity and that is why it is so widely consumed today.

Have you heard anything else about the history of coffee?

On the other hand, we have good news for you as well as Pastor Kaldi.

We will make deliveries in the GAM, from Alajuela to Cartago, every Monday and Tuesday.

Deliveries will have a fixed cost of two thousand five hundred colones ₡2500 from one kilogram to one hundred kilograms.

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