¿Qué método utilizar? La pregunta del millón.

What method to use? The million dollar question.

Like the vast majority of questions in coffee, the answer is: it depends on each person's taste. However, our goal is to help you choose the option that best suits your tastes.

Methods can be categorized into different families depending on certain characteristics: immersion (such as the French press), drip filtration (such as the dripper, V60, Chemex, among many others), pressure (such as the espresso machine), vacuum (such as Italian mocha or siphon) and cooking (such as ibrik). Depending on the method it will give us a different result, but it is a bit difficult to predict.

There is another very important element that greatly influences the final result: the type of filter. The most popular filters are made of paper, metal or fabric and each of them will give us a different result in body and texture of the drink. The paper will always be the one that gives us the cleanest drink, that means that we will not have small particles but the paper will absorb part of the oils that provide body (how dense or light the drink may feel). On the other hand, metal filters will always be the ones that provide more body and oils, but we will also have small particles that can give a sandy sensation in the mouth. Finally, we have the popular sandblaster cloth that, depending on the cloth we use, will allow more oils to pass through than paper, but will retain the small particles that metal does not trap.

So how do you know which method to use? Experimenting and discovering our own tastes because we all have different preferences.

If you want to start testing, we recommend doing it with the sampler kit, so you can decide which method to use depending on the process, without the need to buy large quantities of coffee.

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