¿Querés aprender de café y no sabés ni por donde empezar?

Do you want to learn about coffee and don't even know where to start?

We know that understanding coffee is not a simple task, processes, varieties, preparation methods, grinding, what is all this?

On March 5 you have the opportunity to get the answers to these and many more questions with the SCA Introduction to Coffee Tour + Certification.

Now, the new question is: what is an SCA certification? What is Introduction to Coffee? The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is the largest specialty coffee association in the world. This association has an educational and certification program called the Coffee Skills Program. The first course recommended to start is Introduction to coffee and these are some of the contents that are developed:


Origins and supply chain

  • Origins of coffee
  • Coffee growing regions
  • The coffee journey from farm to cup
  • The current coffee industry: producers and consumers
  • Coffee as a plant, fruit and seed
  • Most common coffee species
  • General differences between coffee species
  • Common varieties of coffee species
  • Quality - what is specialty coffee?
  • Harvest and processing


Coffee roasting and storage

  • Basics of the roasting process
  • Importance and strategies to prolong freshness


Sensory experience

  • The human senses
  • Flavor recognition and perception
  • Sensory experience influenced by origin, species, processing and roasting



  • Common preparation methods
  • Preparation and extraction principles
  • Sensory impact of extraction
  • Introduction to tasting


Impact of water quality and temperature


Cleaning and maintenance


The day will begin at 9 am with the tour where you will be able to observe the entire coffee production process: the benefit and the different processes, the drying, storage and roasting of the coffee. Then we will cover all the contents of the course that culminates with an exam to test the knowledge acquired.


The price is $135 and includes a tour, a peasant lunch, the course and the certification. If you do not want to be certified, $50 is reduced from the total cost. If you want to know more details about the course, you can visit this link: www.soybarista.com/introduccion-al-cafe-certificacion-sca

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