¿Quién era Don Lucas?

Who was Don Lucas?

A few days ago we showed you the hat that "Papa Lucas" wore (that's what we called him).
But who was it? Our great-grandfather!
We had almost no relationship with our grandparents because they died somewhat young. But we enjoyed Dad Lucas for a long time. He had his coffee plantations in San Pedro, one of the most beautiful places in Tarrazú where the climate is perfect, you can't imagine. Later, he inherited his coffee plantations to his children and we wanted part of that legacy to be ours, so we bought a part of Dad's farm. Our coffee roots go back many years and when we decided we processed the coffee on our own. The idea arose to create our own brand of roasted coffee. And that's when we decided to do it in honor of our great-grandfather.
We want to capture Dad's essence in our coffee, Dad was an elegant but hard-working man. Who always got up eager to start the day and spent the day reciting (ho ho ho) as an expression of happiness and gratitude for being alive.
It seems like a fairy tale, but Dad was real. ✨
Have a great Friday and if you can try to recite ho ho ho. So they can see how we help them raise their attitude. 😉☕️

If you have not yet purchased the coffee of the month, we leave you the link to pay.

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Thank you very much for reading us. Please stay safe at home.

A coffee hug

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